Q & A

KrishnaQ: Where are you located?
A: I’m in the Los Angeles area.

Q: How can I reach you?
A: My phone numbers are (323) 638-4749 or (917) 892-9894. My email address is michael[at]michaeltimmons[dot]net

Q: Why do you have a guarantee?
A: Once upon a time, I needed to have my own headshots taken.

There were a few headshot photographers who had images that I really loved, but I was a struggling actor and wanted to save money, so I chose a photographer based on price -$99 special!

On the day of the shoot, the photographer had a very cold personality. We had no connection. He wanted to get me in and out, so he could move on to the next actor.

When I saw my final shots, they were poorly composed, poorly lit, and I lacked energy and personality. My agent absolutely hated them and asked me to do a reshoot. When I called the photographer, he initially refused to reshoot, and it was only after my agent contacted him, was he willing to reshoot the session. When I finally did the second session, the photographer seemed resentful and the interaction between us was even more unfulfilling. My second batch of shots weren’t much of an improvement over the first.

After that experience, I made the conscious decision to go to one of the photographers I liked originally, and the shots ended up being infinitely better. So, when I thought I was being economical, I actually lost time and money.

The moral of the story? I want you to feel comfortable, and I definitely want you to have the best images of yourself. That’s why I guarantee your session. If you can’t find a single image you like, I’ll delete the first batch and schedule another shoot at no charge.

Q: What’s your background?kibibi2
A: I grew up in Ohio and have a B.A. in Photography and Cinema. My minor was Theatre with an emphasis in Acting. When I moved to Los Angeles, I initially worked in front of the camera as an actor and model. During that time a lot of my actor friends asked me to photograph their headshots. They started to refer me to their friends and that’s how my portrait business started.

Q: Where’s your studio?
A: I mainly shoot in my home studio located in Sierra Madre, right next to Pasadena. I sometimes rent a studio in downtown Los Angeles in the Arts District. Both my home studio and the downtown location are accessible by the Metro Gold Line. I can also shoot at your location for an additional traveling fee which varies on how far I have to go.

Q: Do you shoot with natural light or studio light?
A: For headshots I mainly use natural light. Depending on the look we’re going for, I may use studio lighting. Sometimes, I’ll use both.

Q: What’s included in a headshot session?
A: – An initial consultation, in person, by phone or by Skype. I want to know who you are and what makes you tick. It’s one of my favorite parts of my job. I also want you to ask me questions. This initial interaction will help me help you build trust and ultimately feel more comfortable during the shoot. Think of me as the director. I’ll guide you so that you can give me your best performance while I also monitor all of the technical aspects of creating the art of your headshots.

– You’ll definitely leave knowing we’ve captured several awesome commercial and theatrical headshots. Additional looks are icing on the cake and we’ll get those, too. During the shoot, we’ll preview the shots as we take them. The beauty of shooting digitally is the instant gratification it brings. Love the shots? Great, let’s try a new look. Don’t like your hair, lighting, angle…? No problem, we can make adjustments until we get what you like.

NickQ: What’s included in a modeling shot session?
A: The shoot is similar to a headshot session with more time added for additional looks.

Q: How much does a session cost?
A: I have three packages.  You can read more on my Pricing page.

When I started photographing headshots professionally, I decided to structure my sessions exactly as I would have wanted them when I was an actor. I created three pricing packages that will fit most needs.  I’ve even created a package with unlimited wardrobe changes because, as an actor, I hated the extra stress of feeling like I was using up a crucial look if I shaved, removed a tie, or put on a jacket. Many actors are already anxious about getting their shots taken. The unlimited package provides one less thing to worry about. Want to change it up? Be my guest.

Q: Can you help me choose what to wear?
A: We’ll talk about wardrobe during our initial consultation so that we can be strategic in what you bring. On the day of the session, we’ll review what you’ve brought and I’ll guide you.

Q: What happens after the shoot?
A: After the session, I’ll spend another hour or two critically reviewing all of your shots, mark the ones I think are your best and upload them to your private online gallery within a day or two. You can review the images with your agent or manager or anyone else that you choose.

Q: What about retouching?
A: Each package includes at least one retouched image.  You’ll choose the images that are your favorites and I’ll lightly retouch those; adjusting the color, tone and light, editing out any stray hairs, removing lint, healing slight blemishes, clearing bloodshot eyes, etc. Want me to do less? Just let me know. Want me to do more? Sure thing, I am a fantastic retoucher. I’ll provide the final retouched images to you in both high resolution (for printing) and low resolution (for web and email).  Retouching beyond the images included with your package is available for $25 per shot.

Q: Do you have any specials for returning clients?
A: Yes! Call me for details.